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The Dentalpreneur Podcast
Episode 1912: Black Belt Marketing Strategy
The Dentalpreneur Podcast
Episode 1814: Resiliency in Dental Marketing
The Dentalpreneur Podcast
1734: Recession Marketing Trends
The Dentalpreneur Podcast
1723: Data-Driven Decisions

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Videos and Websites:
Friend or Foe?

Discover the pros and cons of using videos on your website in Mary Lafferty's concise and informative video. Uncover the advantages that boost engagement and SEO while also understanding the potential drawbacks. Make an informed decision for your website's success—watch now!

Marketing Trends and AI, Part One

Mary Lafferty Discusses: AI vs. HI in Business & Marketing! 🎯🔍 Listen as Mary delves into the strengths and drawbacks of AI and Human Intelligence in the 1st part of this video series.

Social Channel Distinction

Join Mary Lafferty, a marketing strategist, in this concise and dynamic video that explores the nuances of major social media channels—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok and WhatsApp. Gain valuable insights on tailoring content, engaging audiences, and maximizing results for your brand or business.

Dental Manuals & Books

The Dental Office Marketing Manual

Ever wonder why some dental offices only get 10 new patients per month, where others can get 100-300 new patients per month? Ever wonder why some practices look like they ‘have it together’, and others seem disjointed? This book answers why and gives the keys you want to know to help your practice get the best return-on-investment for your marketing dollars. This book includes content around naming, branding, logos, website design, search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook ads and funnels. This large manual even includes what to look for in an external marketing agency versus hiring your own internal marketing manager. With many examples for each type of marketing, this is the only book you need in the marketing space if you’re looking at doing any sort of marketing for your dental practice. 

The Connection Between Operations and Marketing

The primary objective of this book is to focus on how marketing connects to operations. Not the mundane, run-of-the-mill operations, but the most captivating systems and processes that are being used in dental clinics all over the country. The dentists I have interviewed for this book are highly skilled operators, the Navy SEALS of the dental world. They are problem-solvers who possess laser-like precision, coupled with a panoramic view of the dental landscape. They are adept at spotting opportunities from afar and then leveraging marketing strategies to achieve their goals. Reading this book will give you insights into how you pair your dental practice operations with the marketing machine that will drive practice growth.

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