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New Patients That Should
Come From Marketing

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Our company is driven by a team of curious people with one goal—empowering business owners to maximize their return on marketing investment. We don't just make it up as we go, we let the data guide your marketing strategy for optimized results.

New Patients That Should
Come From Marketing

Meet Our Team

Ryan Gross

Marketing Expert & Founder

Ryan is the Marketing Expert and CEO of CMOShare. He has 15+ years of marketing, brand management, communications, and sales experience working with The Walt Disney Company, dental practices, and the attraction industry. His proven techniques have increased revenue through marketing and communication strategies. He has managed multiple million-dollar budgets and helped dental practices increase new patient acquisition and patient retention. Ryan is also a faculty member of DSN and DSI.

Mary Lafferty

Co-Owner & Chief Strategy Officer

Mary has held numerous executive roles in marketing and brand strategy, leading global teams through brand evolutions and successful practices to strengthen and expand market value and visibility. Her leadership and marketing efforts have consistently beat industry averages and significantly increased awareness for numerous organizations. She has worked with start-ups, mid-market businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, including IKEA, Walmart, Cabela’s, and AMC Theaters. She has started and successfully operated three businesses that have doubled revenue year over year. She currently serves on two board committees and is involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts within her community, including managing and operating an annual car show to provide funding for the local high school. Her twenty-plus years of experience, leadership, and success in accelerating brand growth and visibility, combined with a passion for marketing and using her expertise to impact the growth of others, is unmatched in the market.

Kristin Carroll

Chief Operations Officer

Kristin has played an instrumental role in the development and success of CMOShare since its start. As the company’s first employee, she was pivotal in setting the foundation upon which CMOShare was built. Her deep understanding of the dental industry is driven by her experience as both an in-house marketing director for a group of 6 practices and an in-house marketing director for a successful oral and maxillofacial surgery practice.

Throughout her tenure at CMOShare, Kristin has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth. From founding the creative department to her current role as Chief Operations Officer, Kristin continues to be a driving force behind the company’s operational initiatives and efficiencies. Her expertise in operations management, perspective, and foresight have been pivotal in streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and ultimately contributing to the company’s growth. Kristin is committed to the company’s vision and is focused on leading CMOShare team members and clients to new heights of success.

Two Companies

One Great Vision

Driven by a shared passion for data-proven strategies, No Regrets Marketing has combined forces with CMOShare to change the industry-standard approach to effective marketing. By combining our marketing and operations-based strategies, we are able to unlock new dimensions of success for our clients, harnessing the power of analytics to inform and inspire campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results.

CMOShare Partners

CMOShare is the marketing partner for Dr. Mark Costes, Dental Success Institute, Dental Success Network, The Dental A Team, Peak Dental Resources, and Summer Kassmel, founder of Dental Assisting School, Front Office Academy, and Custom Practice Analytics.

We’re a Google Partner.

The Google Partner badge signifies our expertise in digital advertising and helps us stand out in the industry.

We have access to the latest insights and trends, promotional offers to give new clients ad credits toward their campaigns, and advanced product training for the latest Google Ads expertise.

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At the end of the day, we have one goal—to empower you and your practice’s success. We’ve built a team of industry experts to create solutions that support dental practice owners, objectives, and goals.