Personal Coaching

CMOShare offers Personal Coaching for your dental marketing needs. Dental practices already have enough on their plate, so we take the weight of marketing off of your hands and help you through this process step-by-step.

how it works

If you have a dental practice and are looking for ways to improve the way your patients interact with your office, we're here to help!

Through branding, advertising and patient experience, acquiring and retaining patients becomes tremendously easier. This process is as follows: 

We brand your practice so potential patients become more familiar with your brand. When patients are repeatedly exposed to your brand, they associate the brand with your practice. This is especially true with a strong logo. Once a potential patient becomes familiar with your brand name and logo, they will trust you more and therefore become more willing to become your patients.

We produce "call to action" advertisements, encouraging potential patients to make a decision.

Potential patients then become actual patients.

From there, the patients spread positive experiences through word-of-mouth and reviews which strengthens the practice's brand. As the brand continues to get stronger, it becomes easier for the practice to gain new patients. 

The cycle of branding, advertising and patient experience strengthens over time creating the end goal - raving fans. 


what we offer


Consistent visuals and messaging, along with repetition of brand identity:

  • Location signage

  • Location look

  • Facebook

  • Website

  • Billboards

  • Radio

  • Online reviews

  • Community involvement


Call to action advertising emphasizing integrity, family and value:

  • Postcards

  • Radio

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Billboards

  • Community involvement

  • Social media

  • Promo items

    • T-shirts​

    • Pens

    • Coffee mugs, etc.


Focus on multiple touch points of quality interactions with patients:

  • Doctor and hygienist relationships 

  • Extensive branded materials 

    • Brochures​

    • TV Slides

    • Appointment cards

    • Business cards

  • Unexpected moments

  • Going above and beyond

  • Location feel

  • Inviting office space

  • Office interior design/decor


Due to increased demand, Personal Coaching availability is limited.

Please contact Ryan below to see if he is accepting new clients at this time.

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